Dear Gossips, 

Last Thursday in this space I posted about Wife Guys and their moment in the sun with now-former Try Guy Ned Fulmer taking over the spotlight from Adam Levine and getting busted for cheating on his wife. And somehow John Mulaney ended up getting dragged into the chat. 


Adam and John were actually at the same event this weekend, performing in Vegas as part of Shaquille O’Neal’s fundraiser. Adam apparently did not say much to the audience during his set with Maroon 5 but Behati Prinsloo was there sitting just off-stage. In one of the photo agency captions of Adam during his performance, they make mention that he kept his shirt on the whole time.

In case it wasn’t already clear, I don’t f-ck with Adam Levine or Maroon 5. I have never been to a Maroon 5 concert, I think the only Maroon 5 live performance I’ve ever watched (unwillingly) has been the Super Bowl, when he had his shirt of… so I’m assuming it’s a thing? He is constantly taking his shirt off? And now that he’s been accused of infidelity, he’s no longer taking his shirt off because… faithful husbands don’t take their shirts off? Because it would be disrespectful to his wife after being accused of cheating for him to thirst-trap women with his bare chest? Is that how he’s proving his commitment to no longer send corny ass DMs to hot girls on Instagram? Believe Adam, OK? He must totally mean it if he’s not taking his shirt off anymore. I guess that’s the mood we’re starting the week with. 


Adam wasn’t only in Vegas this weekend though. He also showed up, played by Mikey Day, on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, and the first sketch too. 


So while his wife may have forgiven him, Adam Levine remains a punchline. 

Speaking of SNL though – as usual, not all the sketches worked, but Miles Teller was really good. It surprised me how good he was. Interestingly enough, Miles was on the celebrity douchebag list for a while there a few years ago. And now he’s hosting SNL and trolling the current crop of celebrity douchebags, riding his summer high from Top Gun: Maverick. Will be interesting to see how he continues to capitalise off this momentum. 

Yours in gossip,