For those of you still pining for a Jackson Maine and Ally real life romance – I have no updates. Lady Gaga is, however, kissing someone else and everybody’s talking about it, even though, here too, there’s nothing to talk about. Through it all though…why are we NOT at all talking about Jeremy Renner? That was the last we heard, right? Gaga and Renner. She was even spending time with his daughter. What happened? Is it still happening? (Dlisted)

There was no host for the Oscars this year because… Kevin Hart. Now the Emmys are next. And a host or hosts have yet to be announced. Word is, the Emmys will do the same and go without a host – only intentionally, not because their original choice got fired but because they think the show might work better without one? I think this suggestion is hilarious though: having a Masked Singer host the Emmys instead. I love that show, as you know. I’m into it. (Jezebel) 

Adele fangirled over the Spice Girls this weekend. She joined them backstage, not onstage – not that anyone was asking for that, but….were we? Also her hair looks AMAZING. (Just Jared) 

I’m really enjoying Chris Pine’s talking points. He’s challenging “Make America Great Again” but he’s also repeating what he said in his joint interview with Patty Jenkins a few months ago – that Wonder Woman was not about him, and that he had to be told. Because conditioning takes time to reverse. And it sounds like, in his case, if it hasn’t been reversed, then it’s well on its way. (Cele|bitchy) 

I have some questions about Rita Ora’s top. The Fug Girls are right – she is indeed doing the most. But how is this shredded shirt being shaped? Because material doesn’t sit like that naturally, especially around the chest. There’s no hang. The answer is probably tape. In real life, I can never find garment tape that holds the way it does for celebrities. (Go Fug Yourself) 

LAX is not my favourite airport. But if I ever ended up at LAX and Andre 3000 was walking around playing a wooden flute, I might change my mind. This is not a euphemism for anything. Andre 3000 was indeed hanging out at LAX playing a wooden flute. You can’t script this kind of randomness. (Slate)