It’s been a while since we’ve had an Adele and Rich Paul romance update. Apparently they’re still together but this feels like… could it be a rollout for a possible end? Like none of this is giving me all that much confidence. (Cele|bitchy)


Prince Charles stepped in for the Queen, again, to open Parliament because of her mobility issues and it’s getting louder now, the noise about what this all means, especially since it’s her Jubilee year and she’s been so low profile…but also strategically using every opportunity to get Charles out there as much as possible and getting people more and more accustomed to seeing him performing monarchical duties. He was accompanied by Prince William and Camilla, and it was a big historic deal which is why I laughed at what Emily wrote at the end of this post because, yes, totally. (Dlisted)

Henry Golding has a movie coming out soon – Persuasion with Dakota Johnson, based on Jane Austen’s book. I mean, yes, of course, Henry is Jane Austen material. But as you can see from this photo, he’s also Las Vegas night scene material. And action star material. Henry is that versatile and it’s amazing to me that he’s only been around for like five years in Hollywood. (Go Fug Yourself)


What is the future of “late night”? What is “late night” anymore though? Trevor Noah has some theories. (Pajiba) 

I know we’re all over the Met Gala but I could not get enough of this interview – which is not about who went to the Met Gala but what it’s like photographing the Met Gala. (The Cut)