Two Brits at the Lakers game last night, let’s start with Adele. She’s been making headlines this week because she was at her good friend Alan Carr’s show the other day and, according to DeuxMoi, at a point in the performance, when Alan asks the audience if there was anyone who recently got married Adele shouted out, “I did”. And of course there’s that big ass ring on her finger. 


I’m not looking at the ring because I’m too busy admiring her sweater. Maria and I, for years, have been looking for the perfect white/cream sweater which started, unfortunately, with Gwyneth Paltrow … in 2011. It was Celine, and every white/cream sweater ever since had had to compare against that standard. I can’t say Adele’s equals GP’s, but it’s still very good. And what I like about it is that it’s a sweater that seems to move like a hoodie, with the perfect amount of slouch. I encourage you to harass Maria about finding it for the next edition of As Seen On Social Media. 


The other Brit at the Lakers game – Andrew Garfield who is, in my opinion, getting more and more attractive the older he gets. Do we give his hair enough credit? He has such good hair, whenever I see photos of him I always want to run my fingers through it to see how soft it is. 

But this isn’t about Andrew’s hair or his maturing sexiness, it’s about a Gossip Genie thought that’s been bouncing around my mind and I’d like to put it to you today. I know everyone wants to believe in Andrew and Florence Pugh, and the rumours about them kicked back up in September but have been quiet for the last couple of months. 

If not Andrew and Flo, though, would you consider Andrew with the now-single Natalie Portman? Because I really do think it would work. They’re around the same age, they’re both super talented, pretty comparable on the fame scale, and can swing from serious to silly and back again. Can you see it? Are we Gossip Genie-ing this together? Let’s take this over to The Squawk today to discuss.