The buzz – more like a roar, given who we’re talking about – started a few days ago when “30” started showing up on landmarks around the world: 


I live in one of those cities: Toronto, and “30” was seen on the CN Tower the other night, unmistakably identified by fans as something to do with Adele as the titles of her previous albums were 19, 21, and 25. She’d previously said that she’d stop doing the number thing but, you know what? If we’ve learned anything in these times, it’s that we don’t know sh-t about life and how it will change. So nobody is holding her to this. 

After the “30” on the landmarks thing, there was another rumble yesterday when the profile picture on her Twitter account was changed. 

And now…this:


So are you ready? 


A lot of us are ready, I imagine? 

She’s only given us a few seconds of the sound but this is the sound that Adele has been known for: BALLAD. Right? We are getting an Adele ballad – and all the feels that come with an Adele ballad. 

So for those of us who are ready…well…we’ve been f-cking ready for a year and a half. 

In Adele’s case, as we know, her marriage ended, she’s made some major changes in her life. Presumably she’s ready to tell us about them, through her music: the heartbreak, the reflection, the loss. 


And almost everyone in the world, in our own ways, has experienced loss over the last 18 months too. It may not be romantic loss, but that’s the power of music – no matter what you bring to a song personally, it resonates beyond your own story. And Adele’s music, in particular, is a testament to music’s unique connective impact. 

She is one of the biggest names in music. And she has been quiet for a long, long time. Her return, then, is exciting and also comforting. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes, every time there’s a rumour that Adele’s comeback is imminent, about how people are ready to cry, ready for the release that happens when an Adele song is played. October 15. “Easy on Me.” Cancel all your plans, hydrate, and get into bed. We can all sob together at the same time.