Did you see the video from Adele’s show in Vegas when she tells security to chill because they were trying to get one of her mega fans to sit down? Evidently the people behind the fan were complaining that they couldn’t see … and Adele was like, everybody relax, let the fan enjoy themselves the way they’ve been enjoying themselves. 


If you’ve seen the video that the fan posted it’s easy to see why she defended them. Because that’s what any artist would want to see from their fans. I know there’s been all kinds of debate about concert behaviour and what is and isn’t OK but from the artists’ perspective? They want energy at their shows. Audience energy gives them energy. I’ve been to Adele’s show and she jokes about how her catalogue is all ballads and people are always crying, it’s not usually the kind of concert where people are rocking out but she encourages it, this fan is basically her ideal. (Vulture)

Kim Kardashian stepped out the other night with clip-on bangs and… I don’t hate it. They’re not permanent – as the Fug Girls say, she would never. But for one night, for a certain look, temporary bangs can really add something fresh. I like this choice for this particular look because, frankly, how often have we seen her in a tight black dress with a snatched waist and her hair just as snatched all the way back. It’s the bangs that give it a whole new spin. (Go Fug Yourself)


As we’ve been covering, many of Bravo’s reality stars, led by Bethenny Frankel are pushing back and accusing the network of substandard working conditions, inadequate compensation, and forced silence due to NDAs. Bravo is now trying to explain why they compel reality personalities to sign them with the rationale that they need them to keep quiet about the storylines on the show. It’s 2023, the Year of Scandoval, and at this point I think we all know, even those of us who don’t watch Real Housewives or Vanderpump that the conversations that happen outside of the show only increase interest in the show. Get the f-ck out of here with this weak ass excuse.  (Pajiba)

One week after all the criticism about the World Cup and how Prince William didn’t show up to support the Lionesses, we’re being told that he is the “King of the Grill” and really knows his way around a barbecue. If he brought me a steak I would automatically think it was overcooked. (Celebitchy)


Zendaya and Tom Holland were at a charity basketball tournament in Oakland the other day which means the internet went wild with the sighting so everything is fine on that front but lets talk about her sneakers, because they’re so cute and, in comparison to some other sneakers on the market, they’re not stupidly expensive. I mean they’re not cheap, but they’re not almost a thousand or over which is how much some of these shoes can run. Now that she’s worn them though, I’m not sure how accessible they’ll be because chances are they’ll sell out. Duana, for one, will be all over them. (SI)