Dear Gossips, 

It’s Adele’s birthday today. She’s 33. As of post time, she hasn’t publicly mentioned anything about her birthday but, then again, it’s not like she’s been all that public for years now. Her last Instagram post was in January to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her album, 21. And while, yes, she stepped out on Oscar night to party with Daniel Kaluuya, the only reason we knew that was because other people shared it on social media. You’ll note that she wasn’t papped that night either. 


Her best friend Laura Dockrill, however, has shared a birthday message on IG: 

Would you have immediately been able to identify this as Adele if it wasn’t pointed out? Adele as George Michael is excellent. 

In other Adele news… well… that’s it. 


Seven months ago she promised that she was going back into her cave and that’s where she’s remained. There have been indications here and there that she’s been working on new music (apparently she was in the studio in December) but despite constant rumouring that the new album is imminent (at this point it’s on the same schedule that the “Jennifer Aniston is pregnant!” stories used to be – every six weeks or so), there’s been little information. 

Adele’s last album, 25, was released October 2015. Rihanna’s last album, ANTI, was released three months later, January 2016. Both artists have been promising new albums for a while. Both have not rushed the process. Do you think we’ll get an Adele album before a Rihanna one? Or Rihanna before Adele? 

Yours in gossip,