Airplane drama – and it wasn’t even on Ryanair! This is over reclining your seat which… is a controversial move. Some people are like, well, if the seat reclines, I should be able to use that option. Others are like, you only recline your seat at certain times. And still others are like, reclining is never OK. I never recline my seat. Mostly because I fall asleep before you’re allowed to. But I am constantly reclined ON. Never fails. The person I’m seated behind will always recline – and the reason is this: I’m short. They take one look at me and right way, they know they can dunk on me. (Dlisted) 

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are expecting a baby. They were married nine months ago. Last time they were on a red carpet together was two weeks ago at the Grammys. No sign of pregnancy there. I too am curious about what this baby will be named. Imagine if she went with Sansa? (Cele|bitchy) 

Taylor Swift wore Monse to the NME Awards last night and it was a great look on her. Any of these new Monse looks from the runway would look great on her too. I love every single outfit. I love all the plaid. I love the different lengths. I love that everything works with combat boots. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day which means couples all over the world will be going out for dinner. Which is supposed to be romantic but sometimes… it doesn’t work out that way. I would like to work in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day just to see all the love and drama. If I could just witness any one of these stories, it’d be worth it. My favourite is the one where the woman is being proposed to and instead of answering, she tells the dude that she has to see the ring first. (Pajiba) 

Are we still arguing about who’s the Best Chris? A new Chris has entered the ring to challenge Hemsworth, Pine, Pratt, and Evans. That would be… Chris Messina. And, well, I feel like he’s really shaking up the pool here. Everyone’s thirsting over him in Birds of Prey. Are you down with Chris Messina as your Best Chris? (The Cut)