Arguments for:

- Jennifer Lopez. This is the main case. He’s dating her. He’s been dating her this year as he moves away from pro baseball and begins his next career. She’s softened all his edges. He’s been indefatigably trying to convince us that he’s not an asshole. And together, they’ve played a good game of PR. 
- Like he would even hesitate to say yes. He would give them the most exclusive interview in the history of the Sexiest Man Alive. He would probably let them photograph him in the shower. 
- I wrote the other day that JRod is trying to be the Latino Brange and they are both, as evidenced in their joint Vanity Fair interview, repping their culture; they did undeniably great work raising money for Puerto Rico recently. If he’s the SMA, it would be great representation for the Latino community. 

Arguments against: 
- Um. Doping? There are a lot of people who still aren’t convinced that he’s changed. 
- ARod remains a divisive personality. 
- He and JLO just covered Vanity Fair. PEOPLE and VF aren’t related publications but, generally, the strategy isn’t to oversaturate. 
- Also? Can he really sell a PEOPLE cover on his own without JLO?
- And is he sexy? Really?

Odds: 12 to 1 

Here are ARod and JLO at an event in NYC the other night.