Maria mentioned it in Celebrity Social Media yesterday – Alexander Skarsgard has joined the cast of Succession for the third season. He’s a “confrontational tech executive” so, basically, a rich Silicon Valley type with an aggressive personality. Which means he’s probably an asshole and will fit right into this show about wealthy assholes. The question is, which asshole side will he join? Will he be recruited by Team Logan? Or will he be on Team Kendall? The answer is coming….hopefully by the end of the year? 


That’s what HBO is planning. Succession season three should be airing in Q4 of 2021. Ideally that would mean early Q4, like a post-Emmys premiere for ten weeks right up until the holidays, which is the most conventional rollout but then again, WTF is conventional these days anyway? Production on Succession season three has been underway since late last year so they’ve been at it for six months – and much of it has been in New York. This is where we find Alexander yesterday running errands.

Now I’m curious to know exactly when his character will be introduced. Since they’ve already been shooting for some time, I’m guessing they’ve completed at least three episodes if not more. Are we meeting him later in the season or has he been on set all along and they’ve only just announced his involvement because they’ll be shooting exteriors soon? 

I’m also very curious about what’s happening behind the camera. Lorene Scafaria who directed Hustlers (#JusticeForHustlers) and Cathy Yan (Birds of Prey) have also signed on to direct episodes. Can’t wait to see how they influence the vibe of the show. Succession is how I’d love to chase the feel-goodness of Ted Lasso this summer. All that sweetness followed by the worst people ever, please let that be the schedule.