Alexander Skarsgard supported his brother, Bill, at the It premiere last night. At one point, while Bill was posing, Alex was goofing behind his back. When I saw these shots they reminded me of the Oscars. And that obnoxious narcissist who had to turn himself into a spectacle because his wife was wearing a bomb-ass dress.

Alex’s fraternal playfulness was obviously not in the same spirit as Justin Timberlake’s compulsive attention-seeking. This is not a behaviour we’ve ever associated with Alex to begin with. I’ve never remembered him to be that person. The “ME ME ME” kind of person. And it’s his brother. Who wouldn’t want to punk their little brother?

While looking kinda creepy.

That’s probably just projection. Ever since Big Little Lies I have a hard time seeing Alex without being skeeved by Perry – which, of course, is why he was so good in that role, why he’s been nominated for an Emmy, his first, for Best Supporting Actor. Holy sh-t, the Emmys are a week Sunday. And, right now, according to Gold Derby he’s in a really tight race for the win – tied for the lead with Stanley Tucci.