Alexander Skarsgard received his first Emmy nomination yesterday in the limited series supporting actor category for his excellent work as Perry in Big Little Lies. As noted the other day, BLL did more for his career than Tarzan, which was supposed to make him a big movie star. And some experts think he has a real shot at winning because BLL is one of those series, with so many nominations, that it becomes a ride, and everyone on it ends up benefitting.

So it’s a good time professionally for Alex. Personally, however, Page Six reports today that not only are Alex and Alexa Chung are over, he also went on a blind date with Leonardo DiCaprio’s last last last bonafide, Toni Garrn. According to Page Six’s source:

“This was the first time they met. It was a blind date set up by a mutual friend. Toni was nervous, so she brought two girlfriends. They had lunch at his house and then all hit Gurney’s.

This unusual setup didn’t seem to go over too well.

“They didn’t hit it off big-time. There may not be a second date in the cards.”

This story made me laugh. Like do you think there was any chance Toni was freaked out by the possibility of “Perry” showing up which is why she needed backup – not one but TWO backups? Now that I think about it though, the two backups thing is smart. You bring along only one person and, if the date goes well, your friend ends up as a third wheel, bored as f-ck. This used to happen to me all the time. I’d go out with a friend, she’s start making out with some dude. And I’m sitting there on my phone. Or reading a book. For serious, that was my life with this girl whenever we went out. If I had another friend with me though, it would have been an entirely different experience. Two backups, everyone. This is the way to do it.

Here's Alexander out in New York the other day.