Alia Shawkat is talking about the rumours that she and Brad Pitt were dating. She’s also talking about how Brad Pitt was not talking about it because he didn’t know about it. Do you buy that he didn’t know? So many celebrities claim to not read the tabloids. But it’s not the actual newsstand magazines anymore, it’s online, it’s social media. I know it fits with his brand to say he’s not on Twitter but, like, even George Clooney knows about a viral trend and can speak on it in an interview these days, you know? (Dlisted)  


There’s a tabloid trying to rumour that Prince Harry might be worried about running into Kristen Stewart during award season which is basically wishful gossiping. (Cele|bitchy)  

If you hadn’t read the headline and you had to guess the designer, would Zuhair Murad come to mind looking at these clothes? Not me. When I think of Zuhair Murad I think of sheer and lace and JLo – and this isn’t an immediate JLo style lane. That said, there’s still a lot of sheer hair, and a little lace. But as the Fug Girls say, there’s also a lot of Yellowstone. But red carpet. I actually like it a lot. The most I’ve ever liked a Zuhair Murad collection. (Go Fug Yourself)  

People on Reddit are talking about the dumbest lies you believed as a kid. You know what they tell Chinese kids at dinner? At least in my family? If you don’t finish all the rice in your bowl, all those rice grains will end up on the face of the person you eventually marry. Is that some f-cked up sh-t or what? Of course we believed it. We were babies. (Pajiba)  

Vogue is telling you about the anticipated beauty trends of 2022. Bleached brows are going to be a problem for me. But also lipgloss? I hate lipgloss. Hate the feeling on my mouth, and it gets in your hair if it’s windy and I generally just don’t love the look on me. So I’m on the outside, sticking to matte. (VOGUE)