A reminder that we are dark tomorrow as it’s a statutory holiday in parts of Canada in observance of Remembrance Day. We’re back to regular schedule on Friday.

I consider myself a Duggar novice – meaning I don’t know sh-t about them and can’t keep their names straight and Duana constantly has to tell me who’s who. But I do have one thing locked down: one of them is a pedophile and his name is Josh Duggar and his trial is starting soon and it doesn’t look like his legal team has had much success so far. (Dlisted) 


Alicia Keys really does like stunning on the cover of the November issue of Marie Claire. With the glow of her skin and her bone structure, you really don’t need much else. That black dress is fine, I don’t care about it. The clothing is there to serve the person – and the person is gloriously beautiful. PS. I also did not know that her garage was used as a set for Iron Man! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Malala got married and her wedding is attracting international attention after she posted on social media. Malala’s last name is Yousafzai but the entire world knows her as a first-name only activist, right? Yes, of course, her last name is meaningful to her and her family and it’s important that we know it, but is it OK to refer to her as simply Malala, because there’s no one else like her, she is a force. And my GOD, these wedding pictures are gorgeous. Especially the one with the fall leaves, the bright orange, her dress is blending right in. (Cele|bitchy) 


Not sure where you are reading this but where I live Tim Horton’s is, well, everywhere. It’s a coffee and donut place. And the donut holes are called Timbits. But now three new flavours of them are called Timbiebs, after the Biebs, Justin Bieber. It’s a smart collaboration – and this minute-long ad is pretty cute. I’m not usually big on Timbits, probably because I’m not big on donuts; there’s only one flavour of donut I f-ck with and that’s Boston cream. That said, the sour cream and chocolate chip Timbieb sounds pretty good, I might try it. (OMG Blog) 

Here’s another first-name only celebrity: Adele. Only four more sleeps until Adele One Night Only which… we are all watching together, like monoculture, right? I’m putting off Succession for Adele, that’s how jacked I am for these two hours. They’ve released another preview featuring some moments with Oprah, a lot of celebrity cameos, and of course, that voice and those songs. We’re good-crying on Sunday night! Be ready! (EW)