Dear Gossips,

The headline in Los Angeles yesterday was supposed to be the Grammys which were taking place after a week of internal controversy – and all of this was happening at Staples Centre, known on most nights for where the Lakers play. It wasn’t a very good show. But the show had a very good host. The Grammys were lucky to have Alicia Keys, her energy, her attitude, her sweetness. She did such a beautiful job and I would watch a four hour documentary on how she pivoted and prepared in the hours before show time because she was the one who held it all together with her soothing voice, a voice that felt like the warmest hug. She’s the ballet dancer of award show hosts – makes it looks SO graceful that you forget how hard she had to work to get it there. 

Alicia did her best. Ultimately it wasn’t up to her to save a bloated show that was impossible to save, but there’s no more that she could have given. In the end, they probably didn’t deserve to have her. 

So we’ll get to more Grammys coverage but here, in this space, a salute to Alicia Keys because not everyone could have delivered in those circumstances. She’s been one of the few good decisions that the Recording Academy has made lately. 

Yours in gossip,