There’s a lot of love all over the place during this COVID-19 lockdown. Some of it is new, some of it enduring, and some of it is renewed. It would seem that Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth are back together, although apparently this happened a couple of months ago as he was wearing a ring at the Oscars. What about this bonkers tattoo though? You know how there are several actors trying to play Joe Exotic if there’s ever a film adaptation? Shia should be considered along with Edward Norton (currently my vote), Jared Leto (pass), and Dax Shepard (no thanks), non? Also… those are Mickey Mouse hands, right?! Shia was a Disney kid. I don’t know what he’s trying to say here. (Dlisted) 

Princess Beatrice’s wedding is supposed to be in a few weeks. They’re now saying it’ll be postponed until next year. God I’m afraid to even think beyond next week. What will we be next year? Who will we be next year? (Celebitchy) 

Clueless turns 20 this year. Have I ever mentioned that I used to watch that movie every single day? Here are some throwback pictures of the premiere. Paul Rudd’s head, for some reason, looks massive in this photo. Also, you know what I said earlier about Ariana Grande’s hair? Alicia Silverstone still wears her hair like this, ish, and it’s like no time has passed. I’m attaching photos of her taken last month in LA. See? (Go Fug Yourself) 

If you listened to the latest episode of Show Your Work, Duana and I were juuuuuust talking about how the Andrew and Chris Cuomo Show has become an unexpected delight during lockdown. Their exchanges are hilarious. The way they talk to each other comforts me. The latest installment that happened last night was… the best. It’s Chris asking over and over again whether or not Andrew will run for President. And Andrew just saying “no” over and over again. It’s almost like no one is watching. Or, as we discussed, maybe the point is that people ARE watching. It could be a bit! But now, oh no! Chris has tested positive for COVID-19. He’ll still be broadcasting from his basement though. Which means we might get another conversation between the brothers tonight. I wonder if big brother will be gentler now? (Pajiba) 

If you’re a parent, you might also be a teacher right now so maybe you don’t want to be spending any down time doing a spelling test. I will, however, always be up for a spelling test challenge and I’m boasting now when I say I got a perfect score. These were easy but also it’s easier to be asked to identify the correct spelling than to actually spell the word. The Spelling Bee usually happens in May. It’s now been postponed. I bet you those kids are still studying though! (Buzzfeed)