Like Jennifer Connelly and Michelle Williams, Alicia Vikander is a Louis Vuitton ambassador. She was in Paris for LV yesterday. Meanwhile Michael Fassbender, supposedly her fiancé, is in London, beginning promotion for The Snowman, the film adaptation of Jo Nesbo’s book. The movie opens on October 20th, Sarah will be reviewing, and this is excellent news because I don’t know if I’ll be able to. Like capable of it. Have you read the book? I wonder what the discussion will be once the film starts screening. Because it’s not just the violence, it’s the violence against women. And it’s why the women are victims of such violence. Which could be interpreted as an interrogation of misogyny, specifically how women are held to a specific behavioural standard and what we do to them when they step out of those boundaries or, you know, depending on how they handle the story, it could just be straight torture porn. 

On a lighter note, the UK Sun reported a few weeks ago that not only are Alicia and Michael engaged, the wedding is happening very soon – this month, allegedly in Ibiza. I guess the timing works out? He’ll finish off the Snowman press tour and then head off to the wedding? Is there going to be foam at this wedding? Do you see them as a foam wedding kind of couple? Suddenly I’m way more interested.