Tomb Raider premiere in London last night. This is why Alicia Vikander, who reps Louis Vuitton, wasn’t in Paris for Fashion Week and the LV presentation. She wore LV on the carpet though and it might be the best dress I’ve seen on her in a while. Not that it’s by any means a great dress. Just… not as boring as all the dresses she’s been wearing for, like, the last three years. As I’ve said many times, I find her style really forgettable. And I’m really good at remembering looks. But if you ask me what Alicia wore when she won her Oscar? I’m going to say, without googling, that I *think* it was yellow. The end. That’s all I can give you. Michelle Williams’s marigold Vera Wang in 2006, however, I could recreate for you if you wanted. 

This column dress on Alicia is at least a little bit more interesting. Especially at the shoulders. If this was any other shoulder, like a regular swimsuit shoulder, or even a spaghetti shoulder, I’d have some sh-t to say. The shoulders here fit the pattern. I mean, I’m not super excited, but I appreciate the minor bump in improvement. And that she even decided to go with extensions, to bring on the full Lara Croft effect. 

What about the movie though? 

Are you excited about this movie? 

A female action hero. Lara Croft is iconic. 

So…why do I feel like the anticipation for this is so…muted? 

Maybe I haven’t been hanging out in the right places. And maybe, once some reviews start coming in, and it’s good, the momentum will start to build. Has the studio put much into the marketing though? Right now, the big movie getting all the press is the one opening this weekend, A Wrinkle In Time. Tomb Raider is coming next weekend. So there’s still time. But… even Alicia doesn’t seem all that excited about it? Per Vanity Fair

Alicia Vikander knows that her upcoming Tomb Raiderreboot has an Achilles’ heel. In a Monday interview on BBC’s The One Show, the actress was quick to admit to host Alex Jones that the new film, starring Vikander as the titular hero, does not feature enough women.

“I agree,” the Oscar winner said, after Jones noted that she was disappointed in the lack of female characters. “I was wondering, I was on this island like, ‘There’s not enough women, where are they?’ I was running around looking for them.”

The actress added that she did get to work with “extraordinary actress” Kristin Scott Thomas (she of the excellent ringlet bangs in Darkest Hour) in the film. However, that was about it for female castmates. If you’ve seen the trailer, you know that the film’s core performers are almost solely men.

I want to talk about this on Show Your Work with Duana. How do you support a project, that is pretty much all about you, when you don’t entirely believe in it? Many other young actresses in Alicia’s position, had they been offered the role, would have taken it, like she did. Would it have been possible for them to modify the movie in a way that avoids what Alicia’s taking issue with here? In fairness to Alicia, it may not have been as possible then, when she signed on to Tomb Raider, as it is now, after what we’ve seen in Hollywood over the last six months, and after what we heard from Frances McDormand at the Oscars. Two words: Inclusion Rider.

On Show Your Work, we talk a lot about accumulated capital and what artists can do with it. If Tomb Raider is a success, Alicia Vikander will accumulate even more capital. So… does that Inclusion Rider come into play if there’s a sequel? 

PS Michael Fassbender was with her at the premiere last night but they didn’t walk together. They were, however, seen leaving the after-party together.