Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender were in Paris last night, photographed arm in arm after dinner. They were also papped together in Venice a few days ago. So there’s your update if you were curious about whether or not they’re still together: they are. And, evidently, not too bothered about being papped. That’s not to say this was a setup, as I’m confident it isn’t, but, at the same time, he’s not running into the trash can to avoid the situation, which surprises me because he can be surly about these kinds of things. He doesn’t look surly at all to me here.

They have been quiet about their relationship though. And largely quiet in general. Michael was out there promoting Alien: Covenant a few months ago and he has The Snowman (adapted from Jo Nesbo’s book) out this fall, in October, which tells me they’re hoping for the Gone Girl/Girl On The Train timetable/audience but apart from being visible for work, these two manage to keep it pretty undercover. The point then, again, is that undercover doesn’t mean over.