Michael K, as usual, is right. Norm Self is a GREAT name for a “fap star” and I would love if Duana could consult here on what she thinks of it, in terms of Norm’s career, although I suspect she’d dismiss it as “too easy” for her skills and move on. HA! The story itself, about Norm’s debut, is wonderful and amazing, but the way Michael K writes about it enhances the pleasure even more. I never could have imagined that reading about an octogenarian jerking himself off would give me such joy but here we are. Thank you, internet. (Dlisted) 

This Louis Vuitton dress on Alicia Vikander – it’s a great dress. I love the material, I like the colour, I like the cut. And…I wish Ruth Negga was wearing it. Ruth Negga would wear the sh-t out of it. I’m not sure we’ve seen Alicia Vikander wear the sh-t out of anything. She has a way of subduing her clothes, non? This is a power gown. It could have been a force on the red carpet. I feel like on Alicia, it’s missing a gear. (Cele|bitchy) 

Who are your favourite characters in Black Panther? Does the answer keep changing? What are the most popular answers? I feel like Shuri is going to come up a LOT in any poll. Only a monster wouldn’t be obsessed with Shuri. After Shuri though….who’s next? Okoye? Come on. When she’s on top of the car with her spear and the red dress is swirling around her legs? No one has ever been as f-cking badass EVER. So… will there be a Shuri movie? Will there be all kinds of Okoye movies? There should be. And apparently they’re thinking about it! (Pop Sugar) 

We’re still about a year and a half away from the release of Bond 25. They haven’t even confirmed a director yet, although it was reported last month that Danny Boyle. Like I said, it’s been a month. No official announcement. What should the story be about? Could you work with a Bond that was less…action-y? Hear me out – Tom Cruise keeps jumping off buildings and hanging onto helicopters. Maybe it’s time for Bond to chill with the car chases and talk more? More mind games? More mind espionage? Would you be down? At least to preserve Daniel Craig’s body? (Pajiba) 

As I mentioned yesterday in this space, Tim McGraw is known in the industry for how often he works out. Like A LOT. One source described it to me as “obsessive”. Again, he runs before sound check, he runs sometimes after a show. And a show is already a major workout. Interestingly, Tim talks about his workouts when asked about his collapse. (TMZ) 

Madonna wants to direct a film about ballerina Michaela DePrince. Given Madonna’s experience in dance, and her eye for dance, I’m excited about this. In fact, I think I’m REALLY excited. (Variety)