The dress Alison Brie is wearing here isn’t much. I mean it’s fine. It’s just not something I would pause over. The dress is not the outfit. Or, rather, the dress is not what makes the outfit stand out.

The reason this outfit stands out, to me, is because the dress is worn over a plain white t-shirt. Which gives the dress a fresh and funk it might not have deserved otherwise. This is GREAT styling. Credit then to her stylist, Erin Walsh, who also works with Thandie Newton, and we’ve seen Thandie serve us some amazing style porn lately. 

I love the imagination – and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as a well-fit white tee can totally elevate an ordinary piece of clothing, in this case the dress. This is why stylists SHOULD be recognised and acknowledged more. Because it’s often their work, on top of the designer, that really completes a look.