Big news in music today: RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, aka ALL SEVEN member of BTS has re-signed with their label. Which means that even though they’ve paused group activities for over a year now so that all of them can fulfill their military duties, it’s on paper, by contract, that the band will be back together. RM shared it on Instagram. And hinted to 2025… when they’ll reunite and give me back my life! (Soompi)


I really, really appreciate the Fug Girls calling this a “car wash hem” on Priyanka Chopra Jonas because… it’s so apt! I was going around saying a fringe hem but that’s not quite right. And it could also be a ribbon strips hem but that’s not fun to say. So car wash hem it is, and it looks great on her. And the only note I’ll give, because I wore one of these recently, is that sometimes the car wash flaps get stuck in places, like a chair or a door will close on it with dramatic flourish so wearer beware. (Go Fug Yourself) 

In today’s edition of.. How Is This Helping? The Daily Mail is trying to convince its readers that Prince William is a sex symbol. Or, rather, a “reborn” sex symbol. Which… I’m sure he is, for some people, but I don’t understand why he would want this headline, and why the tabloid thinks he needs it. Unless, of course, there was some worry that William’s, um, sexiness, or temporary lack thereof was becoming an issue – which would then be amplified with a stupid ass story like this, FFS! (Cele|bitchy) 


It really is so satisfying when things just fit. This is one of my talents – specifically I can always ID exactly the right container to fit exactly the right amount of food. It’s a gift, really. People are amazed when I perform it. Like when we have people over and I’m putting away leftovers, I’ll be like, OK let me just toss all these noodles into a container and I’ll choose the container and Jacek will be all, that’s not going to fit. Challenge accepted. It always fits. Most people leave too much room. I get it exactly right. (OMG Blog) 

People are still going to see Oppenheimer. The box office is big. Almost a billion dollars for a three hour movie is a huge win. Can I just say though, like again, that this movie did not need to be in IMAX?! Its’ a very good movie! The performances are wonderful! I would see it again! But … it’s a LOT of talking. In fact, it’s mostly talking! (The Mary Sue)