Photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marital property showed up on Zillow late last week but, at the time, there was no indication (yet) that they are selling. On Saturday, however, TMZ confirmed that they are indeed trying to sell quietly and have a real estate agent who’s been showing the home for two weeks now. TMZ also says that the agent is showing new homes to JLo too. All signs point to … the inevitable? 


This weekend, both Ben and JLo were seen at the Grove picking up their children after Fin and Emme, who’ve been close ever since Bennifer got back together, went to see a movie together. So that’s one positive: that despite whatever is happening between their parents, they are not letting their issues change the relationship that their kids have with each other. 


Interestingly though, Ben was seen with his wedding band in photos of him leaving in the car with Fin. 

Ben Affleck picks up Fin at The Grove after a movie date with Emme, June 8, 2024

JLo meanwhile had dinner with friends on Saturday night and was also seen wearing her ring. 

Jennifer Lopez out for dinner at Giorgio Baldi, June 8, 2024

You know what this is giving though? At least to me? Back in the time of OG Bennifer, it was September 2003, they were supposed to get married on September 14 but just days before, they postponed it, blaming the media frenzy for the disruption. In a show of solidarity, they went to The Ivy for dinner – which is where everyone was photographed in that era – and left holding hands. I remember thinking to myself that she was glowing, as usual, but she was wearing a lot of blush (makeup trends were different then and this was considered heavy on the cheeks), and I wondered whether or not she was using makeup to hide her heartbreak. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at The Ivy, September 2003

Bennifer would stay together another four months but this was the beginning of the end. 

So to go back to JLo this weekend, and her appearance at Giorgio Baldi wearing that ring, just hours after TMZ’s report that the house was indeed on the market, that appearance at The Ivy immediately came to mind, like a movie about time travel and trying to change the future, but no matter what adjustments you make in the hopes of a different outcome, fate will always find a way to bring you back to the same conclusion. (Or maybe that’s just me because I just finished watching a Korean drama called Lovely Runner, and I am obsessed, IYKYK.) And the conclusion, in Bennifer’s case, might be that even when the love is there, there are just too many differences between them as individuals. Which is so sad, and the only emotion I endorse here as a reaction is empathy. Not only because I love them together, and always will, but because the collective rooting for these two to fail is senseless and cruel. Who wins? We all lose! Their families lose. Trust me, if you’re a Jennifer Garner fan, she loses too. And pop culture, not that it’s any of our f-cking business, also loses. 


Still, this is JLo, and she doesn’t go down without a fight. TMZ is ringing the death knell on this marriage but they have noted that no divorce papers have been filed yet so it’s possible, with the presence of the rings, that they’re still seeing if they can somehow make it work and have determined that the house is one of their problems? 

Yesterday Ben was photographed leaving JLo’s place after spending four hours there so while we don’t know what the actual status is right now, at least they’re still talking.