It was a big weekend in Miami as Lionel Messi suited up in his first match with his new team and scored on a free kick in the 94th minute to lead Inter Miami in a win over Cruz Azul. If you’re into all things Messi and MLS right now, The Athletic just published a great piece about what it’s like when Messi joins the group chat


While Messi is Miami’s new monarch, David Beckham is on some king sh-t too, because as co-owner he’s been credited for playing a big part in Messi signing with his team instead of going to Saudi Arabia, where he was offered a LOT more money. 

For the Beckhams, then, it was a weekend celebration. Which Victoria shared on social media. The Beckhams were partying. 


And some of that partying involved karaoke with V hopping on the mic and serenading David with “Say You’ll Be There”. 


Warming up the vocals in Miami! More to come 🤫!! 🎶🎤

♬ original sound - Victoria Beckham



I love that he knows the words almost better than she does. That, after all, is when he first fell in love with her – as a Spice Girl, watching those videos, listening to those songs. 

But you will note her caption on that TikTok. Victoria says there’s “more to come” and there’s already been speculation for months that a Spice Girls reunion is imminent. Mel B hinted at it in May, teasing that they were working on some kind of announcement and that all FIVE Spices would be included. You’ll recall, when the Spice Girls toured in 2019, it was without Victoria. Now all signs seem to be pointing to Victoria’s return… 

For a full-blown tour? I can’t see V going on tour. But for a one-off show? Very possible. 

Also attached - David at a training session with Messi today in Miami.