No surprise here, right? Allison Janney won everything leading up the Oscars. What I liked about Allison’s acceptance speech last night was that she wasn’t there to pretend that she hadn’t won everything already and would probably win the biggest prize. Not to say that she was arrogant, because obviously she wasn’t. But she was prepared. She had that joke prepared. And it was a GREAT joke: 


“I did it all by myself.” 

I just watched that back and it’s still funny. And I hate to do this but it’s also so….CJ Cregg. That was such a CJ moment. There was so much CJ in Allison tonight. Duana says that that’s the reason she doesn’t like her Vanity Fair party outfit: 

Allison Janney at the VF after party

I, on the other hand, love the Vanity Fair party outfit probably because it reminds me of CJ. This is what CJ would look like when she’s pulled from a state dinner because the president is called into a crisis meeting. 

Speaking of the West Wing, I watched this moment happen live. And I think I was one of only 5 people who cared about it: 

Aaron Sorkin, Allison Janney, and Bradley Whitford

Bradley Whitford stopped Allison just below me while we were broadcasting live and I tried to make the camera stay on them because Josh Lyman and CJ were having a moment, guys!? Why aren’t we more excited?!

One last note about Allison Janney. She went to the Spirit Awards – and won, no surprise – on Saturday. But before she left, she had to get her casserole going. This is not a euphemism. She actually had to put in a casserole. 


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Will Allison Janney continue giving us moments like this now that award season is over?