PROGRAMMING NOTE – PLEASE READ: Monday is Victoria Day in Canada which means it’s a long weekend. We will, however, be posting Game of Thrones content since it’s the big series finale which will break all kinds of viewing records, I’m sure, and break all kinds of bitching and complaining records too. Six weeks ago I thought I would be way more jacked for this. Now? I’m not actually all that jacked. Let’s not rehash our disappointments though. Let’s instead agree on the thing we agree on – because despite the fact that the show and the showrunners have done so many characters dirty this season, the one character that everybody hates equally, the dude no one is fighting over, is Euron Greyjoy. We are not divided over Euron Greyjoy. We all on the same side of the room in this case, right? There’s only ONE room where Euron Greyjoy is concerned and it’s called Euron Greyjoy Sucks. Low rent Joshua Jackson with a sh-tty side order of Emile Hirsch sucks – and Emile Hirsch already sucks to begin with. I’ve probably just committed a crime in comparing Euron Greyjoy to Joshua Jackson but, sorry, I can’t unsee it and now neither can you. Hey, don’t come for me, blame Game of Thrones. 

Drake may or may not have new beef with someone, just before the one year anniversary of his beef with Pusha T – and it’s over his abs! First of all, it’s not just women who are getting plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements. SO MANY ACTORS in Hollywood are Botoxing and filling and injecting and whatever. It’s just that no one, man or woman, will admit to it. Anyway, Drake is trying to say he didn’t have lipo on his stomach. OK but lipo isn’t the only option. Coolsculpting is rising in popularity and it’s non-invasive. If you’ve read this site over the last few years, you know Coolsculpting is my favourite subject on this blog and also on the What’s Your Drama podcast. I’ve been obsessed with it since 2014 when a friend of mine got it and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Do you think Drake got Coolsculpting? (Dlisted) 

Of course is Nicolas Cage is going to star in a new movie written by the dude who wrote Green Book. I’m shocked we didn’t think of it earlier. THE TITLE IS SO NIC CAGE! Who else but Nic Cage would star in a movie called “10 Double Zero” LOLOLOLOLOLOL. (Pajiba) 
Mary-Kate Olsen competed in a show jumping competition in Spain this week and it sounds like she’s pretty good. Holy sh-t do you think she’d be good enough to get to the Olympics one day? MK and Ashley generally avoid the spotlight as much as possible but imagine her being featured in one of the NBC Olympian edits that they run during the Games? (TMZ) 
Is this dress on Allison Janney too much? It’s one shoulder. It’s body-con. There’s half of a sun bursting on one side. And the pink sash that goes across the shoulder, dropping down to the ground. It is, indeed, a lot. But I don’t think it’s too much, not on her. Because she’s so tall. On me? Way, way, way too much. (Go Fug Yourself) 
I’m really into what Shailene Woodley wore in Cannes – a long tuxedo jacket over shorts. It could have been the Outfit of the Week….except that for Cannes, Elle Fanning’s frothy Valentino more suits the occasion. If this were, say, the Oscars? Shailene for the win. (Cele|bitchy) 

The biggest hit in the world, for almost 8 weeks now, just got a music movie. They’re calling it a “movie”. “Old Town Road’s” domination will continue. (Teen Vogue)