Tomorrow is a stat holiday here in Canada. So we are dark and will return to regular gossip schedule on Monday. 

Allison Williams does look like a medieval queen, and I love this dress on her. The shoulders are gorgeous and the material feels luxe and also looks comfortable, right? (Go Fug Yourself)


I had to read this headline three times to make sure I was understanding it properly, there’s a lot of information here but that’s exactly what the situation is. Even though I initially misread who the surrogate was. There’s more, though, because some people are critical of Ana Obregon’s decision. But all I’m reading is that this a woman who lost her son and there’s also pain here. She’s been through big heartbreak. And she has so much love to give this child. (DListed) 

Would you eat a cream egg sandwich? Specifically a cream egg footlong from the place that’s well-known for its footlongs? I can’t f-ck with this but for me it’s the mush factor. That bread is soft, and the cream is soft, and together those textures aren’t doing it for me. But… I did see something else online where they were doing cream eggs that were fried in dough or some other sh-t first. So the outside is crunchy but savoury – now THAT I could get down with. (Pajiba) 

TLC gave us the hits! There’s a whole generation that can sing the words of “Waterfalls”, “Creep”, “No Scrubs”, “Unpretty”, and more without hesitation. So why did they never cover Rolling Stone? Chilli has a theory – wait, no, not a theory, this is the fact. (Celebitchy)

Air is playing in theatres now so it’s a good time to reread this piece at The Ringer by Justin Sayles on the mythology of the Air Jordans. (The Ringer)