Almost 10 million watched that f-ckery Jon & Kate can’t afford to support all their babies so they exploit them on tv show last night.


This morning I was on The John Gormley Show (he’s adorable and I love him) and he got me on this rant about J&K and I was like, dude, I’m a gossip columnist. I am the lowest of the low. I am scum. I trudge in dirt and filth. I am despicable.

And even I can’t condone Jon & Kate. Which should tell you something.

It’s sick sh-t.

And also, this democratisation of celebrity needs to come to an end.

Anyway, Gormley decided to let a caller make her way through. Needless to say, it was a J&K watcher defending her rationale for watching. She said that she supported the show because it was “great to see that they have problems just like we all do, that they were sharing their experiences so that we know we all go through hard times”.

In other words, she’s watching tv to relate to other people.

Then she said, “well if you had kids you would understand”.

Yeah my response wasn’t exactly...charitable.
And Friday Night Lights has to beg for viewers. Good taste is getting pissed on.

Let’s focus on Taylor Kitsch shall we? He’ll be back for next season. And I just found some more photos of him from Cannes. At the cocktail for The Bang Bang Club. Surprise! Ryan Phillippe was there! For the free drinks!

I think TK only brought like 1 outfit to Cannes. Sweetie.

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