I am currently really Halloween-grumpy. It f-cks up your whole week. But I don’t want to complain about it. So I’m looking to celebrities to fix my funk. Amal Clooney, Cindy Crawford, and Rande Gerber were all at the Casamigos Halloween party this weekend. The theme was 70s. Amal looks great in 70s gear. To me, her costume works even if it wasn’t a costume party. The jumpsuit? Great in any era. That hair? Also great in any era. The makeup, specifically the lip colour, might be a little dated. But it still works. Cindy’s look is the one that might not transfer to present. But my GOD, she’s reminding of Gia Carangi here.

While Casamigos is a George Clooney-Rande Gerber co-production, there are no shots of George at the event. I can’t remember if he’s ever gone to this event. George doesn’t do Halloween? It can be a real pain in the ass, especially the way celebrities do Halloween. They spend weeks figuring out and sourcing their costumes. And hours in the makeup chair. Which they already do as part of their jobs. In that sense, maybe it’s not that big of a deal for them.

Casamigos has been a lucrative side hustle for George and Rande. As Maria wrote earlier this year they sold the company for almost a billion dollars. It was not, however, a great weekend for George at the movies, the job he’s most known for. Suburbicon was not well-received by the critics. And then it bombed at the box office this week, the worst open for Matt Damon in years. Nobody wanted to spend Halloween weekend at the movies with either of them. And, of course, they spent the whole press tour talking about Harvey Weinstein.

Matt has another movie coming out very soon. Downsizing is a holiday release. He turned some people off the way he handled the Harvey Weinstein situation. If the Harvey effect is part of why audiences rejected Suburbicon, I wonder if we’ll see that extended to Downsizing.