I had always assumed, up to now, that the co-chairs of the Met Gala were just chosen relative to what the theme might be, or, given that we’re talking about Anna Wintour here, even informed that they were being appointed co-chairs without being asked in so many words. 
But I look at Amal Clooney, and I know better now. 
Look at her. Look at her beaming.

Yes, I know what you see. The big flowered ball gown and the sateen pants with the seam down the middle that doesn’t altogether look intentional. I saw those too, at first. But all I can see when I look at her is the huge smile. Framed by the perfect sexy ponytail and the great eye makeup and what I thought were fireworks on her chest exploding, mimicking how happy she looks (even though I think they’re orchids or lilies or something). Also, she never once appeared to need to hitch or shift anything. It’s perfect. 
She’s beaming in a way you can’t fake. She is feeling this so, so much. As far as Amal is concerned, she is embodying Heavenly Bodies, pardon the pun, like she decisively chose the theme because she wanted to wear this explosion of flowers. Like bursting into bloom is the closest thing she can think of to heaven. 
I may be the only person on the internet who loved this outfit, but tell me you can look at her – all of her – and not fall in love with her in it. And think to yourself ‘yeah, I guess you could expand the theme in that direction… sure, let’s give it to her’. 

If you needed further proof that I loved this, I did not look at George Clooney even one time in these photos because he is not the point. He’s f-cking delicious with that silver scruff, but he’s not the point.