We’ve seen so much of Amal Clooney this week, and in so many different outfits, it seems fitting to give her the Outfit Of The Week post. And I’m super into this outfit. I don’t know how she keeps it clean, and if she managed to keep it clean through the day, but I’m into it. 

This boxy jacket is cute, non? Hits her at exactly the right spot at the hips. And it totally makes the outfit because I actually don’t really want to know how the top of this dress looks, assuming that it’s a dress. I think it’s a dress. The most interesting part of the dress is the skirt, with those wider pleats. It’s a good pleat, like a school uniform pleat, instead of the closer pleat that we’re used to seeing these days. 

Shoe choice is a little underwhelming though. I don’t like the straight edge at the toe that prevents it from being a true point. Have never liked a shoe toe with that shape.