Like Maria, I haven’t yet started The Dropout, starring Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes. Mostly because I’m still catching up on so many other shows – like the other tech scammer show that’s on right now: WeCrashed, with Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto. And the thing with that series is that these people are so f-cking infuriating, you can’t really go from scam to scam, it’s too much irritation, at least for me. 


This is why I have to chase every episode of WeCrashed with an episode of Winning Time. More on Winning Time at another time – my point is that for sure The Dropout will be next, and also Severance, which we’re probably starting next week. I mean I have to get going on The Dropout soon because it’s the thing Duana texts me the most about these days, and specifically Amanda Seyfried. Here’s what she wrote to me on April 6, at 1055pm. So now I have a record of exactly what she was doing on that day at that time: 

“I cannot see how Amanda Seyfried doesn’t win the Emmy. She was born to play this role.”

As I said earlier this week, even though we juuuuuust got done with the Oscars, yes, it’s now Emmy season, with contenders jockeying for position before the submission deadline in three weeks and the nomination voting period begins in June. It’s early, sure, but it’s not too early to look at the race – and Vanity Fair declared a couple of days ago that Amanda, per Duana’s prediction, is indeed the frontrunner, at least right now. There are other industry experts who concur. 


That said, again, it’s early. And this category, the limited series category, will be STACKED. I already mentioned Anne Hathaway. This morning I posted about Claire Foy in A Very British Scandal. Jessica Chastain, the reigning Best Actress Oscar winner, is in contention for Scenes From A Marriage. And Julia Roberts is about to enter the chat in Gaslit. Julia Garner is another scammer and previous Emmy winner who’s going for it with her performance in Inventing Anna. 

So, no, Amanda isn’t running away with it. But there are a lot of people in town talking about her right now and Emmy campaigns these days are just as expensive and involved as Oscar campaigns so expect a big push from the Hulu team behind her run. Here she is last night at The Dropout finale event. I am… surprised by this footwear choice.