Amber Heard and Elon Musk broke up. And there was all kinds of back and forth about why. Elon supposedly pursued Amber for years, from when she was still with Johnny Depp. To me it always seemed like being with him was a bonus f-ck you to JD. Elon clarified today that there’s been no drama. And she did not ask the court to grant her a restraining order against him. Instead she just posted a message about how they’re still close and care for one another. Which totally means she still gets to go to all of his, ahem, parties. (Dlisted)

I would go to this café. Because I think the actual reactions are more telling than anything else. Some people will disagree and go somewhere else. And probably forget about it later or share it as an anecdote if it comes up. Some people, however, will get all red in the face and start arguing. They might stand outside and lobby against the place. And still others will do nothing at the time and then go on Twitter and send dick pics all over the place. There’s probably a Venn diagram that intersects the second and the third groups. Am I missing any possibilities? (Jezebel)

Totally agree with Gabrielle Union about not being one of those people who get orgasmic about working out and “can’t wait to go to the gym!” I work with someone like this: Melissa Grelo. Like for her, lifting weights is seriously just as fun as going to a movie. Exercising with never be enjoyable for me. The way I get there though is by reminding myself – and sometimes convincing myself – that I have never once regretted it afterwards. There has never been a time when I’ve come off the treadmill or finished a training session and said, “I feel terrible, I should not have done that”. That said, I will also never say, “OMG that was amazing I can’t wait to do it again!” (Just Jared)

Princess Kate’s style secret: multiples. God, I wish she wouldn’t. Because her fashion is so boring and sh-t, if she has multiples of those goddamn pumps and wedges, it means she won’t be motivated ever to improve her fashion game. There are certain multiples, however, that are understandable. Converse, Adidas Superstars, a certain pair of leggings, joggers, your favourite oxfords, the perfect pair of jeans. But this is not what Kate means with the multiples. She means those suede pumps. GOD. (Cele|bitchy) 

Agree that Alicia Vikander on the September 2017 cover of ELLE is a “thud”. Also… and we’ve seen this on red carpet after red carpet… she isn’t making fashion exciting. I thought she would though. I really thought we’d see some OMG gaspy moments. But all I can remember is a great pair of boots at the MET Gala a couple of years ago and the rest is… beige. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Our love for Rihanna should be cranked every day, all day, on maximum high. Sometimes she gives you a song high. Sometimes she gives you an album high. (ANTI just gets better and better.) Sometimes she gives you a fashion high. And sometimes? Sometimes she gives you a shade high. Because she is so f-cking great at shade. So great that even if you’re the one getting shaded, you can’t help but appreciate. (Mashable)