Amber Heard is currently in Cannes. Before that, though, she was at the Met Gala. It was the best Met Gala look she’s ever served and certainly better than any Met Gala appearance she made when she was with Johnny Depp. Did you hear the story about her headpiece? It was made with zip-ties, purchased on Etsy for $32. Pretty amazing, non? And also the gold paint in her hair. 

The next day, Amber was seen in New York in a car with Vito Schnabel – the Daily Mail has the photos. When they realised that they were being papped, they tried to hide. Which some would say suggests that they didn’t want to be photographed together and if you’re just friends hanging out, what’s the problem? 

Vito was with Heidi Klum for three years. Last summer he was caught kissing another woman, denied he was cheating on her, and a couple months later they broke up. Now he’s hanging out with Amber Heard. And, well, I can see it. She has a weird eye when it comes to men. And by weird I mean gross. Like, I don’t get it. Somehow, though, Vito is always surrounded by beautiful women. What is it about decadent art world dudes that is so attractive in rich people circles?