The question is: would Amber Heard have chosen this dress were she not promoting Aquaman. a movie about a superhero who, I think, is the lord of the sea? King of the sea? Monarch of the sea?

Whatever. The point is, there is a world of powerful undersea beings and she plays Mera, a regal creature who protects the marine realm. Let’s see how many sea and ocean-related words I can fit into this post. 

There’s definitely a Neptunian vibe to this outfit. The colours, for sure. The pelagic pattern you could say reads like gills. I think I’ve exhausted all my synonyms. 

I like the theatricality that’s happening here. If that indeed is what’s happening. There will be other carpets, other premieres. Will she be able to dress, like, fishy for all of them. I really, really hope so.