I guess I haven’t been doing my job because I had no idea that Sofia Vergara has been on America’s Got Talent for the last few years. I also must have skipped over that detail recently when she was making headlines for her divorce from Joe Manganiello. Since I don’t watch the show, I think my mind kinda just ignores any news about it. 


The gossip angle here is that with the timing of the divorce, it’s not like she had the opportunity to check out and lay low for a while because she was clearly committed to be on television at least once a week, or however often AGT airs. Apparently they’re not totally sidestepping it on the show either because there have been a couple of offhand jokes that were made about the fact that she’s no longer married. And one of them came from Sofia herself.

First it was Howie Mandel who last week said, “I have one word of advice. If you're looking for eligible bachelors, you should have talked to Sofia, because she's in the market right now." To which Sofia apparently enthusiastically replied, “YASSSS!”

And then last night a contestant with a dog messed up her name when he told the dog, “You're ruining my set, you jerk. Go fetch Sofia Viagra."  


When Heidi Klum then asked Sofia if she’d ever been called that before, her response, “No, but I’m single”. 

Here’s what I also learned today – Sofia and Heidi seem to be pretty close from working on the show together. So close that they coordinated outfits? 

This jumpsuit is the most Sofia Vergara outfit if I’ve ever seen one. And that dress is the most Heidi Klum dress if I’ve ever seen one.