Without a doubt the best red carpet look on Amy Adams this entire award season and it’s not even at an award show. This is Andrew Gn and she looks amazing. I don’t normally vote for a red dress but this one, on Amy Adams, is undeniable. I love the embellishment over the heart (that’s a little bit Gucci-inspired, which is why at first I thought this was Gucci), and the judicious use of feathers at the sleeve, it fits her perfectly, and the hair choice is great. 

So now I’m wondering…

Why didn’t she save it for the BAFTAs on Sunday? 

Is there something better for the BAFTAs? Because this is going to be a callback. If her BAFTAs dress underwhelms, the way that, frankly, most of her choices have underwhelmed this award season, my question is going to be why didn’t you swap them out? 

Maybe did they think this wasn’t, like, big award show night enough? Because it’s pretty formal, to me anyway, and it photographs beautifully. Very curious now about Sunday. More curious than I thought I’d be about Amy Adams style heading into the BAFTAs.