I didn’t actually know that last night was Amy Adams’s first Emmys. Because we see Amy Adams so often at award shows. She’s often at the Golden Globes. She’s often at the SAGs and the BAFTAs. She’s been Oscar-nominated six times. SIX! This is why it didn’t seem possible that she was making her Emmys debut and this is also why, when she did not win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie, she was trending almost immediately on Twitter. That, though, isn’t a first. 

Here’s an example: 

Interestingly enough, here’s Nostradamus. 

Amy was nominated for her performance in Sharp Objects. She is excellent in Sharp Objects. Michelle Williams won for her performance in Fosse/Verdon. She was excellent in Fosse/Verdon. Based solely on this year, I don’t know if you can say it’s a “robbed!” situation. Based on history…well… sure, there’s a strong case to be made that Amy Adams is “due”. In fact, that was my big gripe when, a few years ago, people were shouting up and down these award streets that Leonardo DiCaprio was “due” and, at the time, he’d had one less nomination than Amy and basically plays the same character over and over again but, whatever, we can have this argument about Leo another time. Right now, we’re talking about the Amy Adams outrage that always explodes after she doesn’t win at xyz award show. 

What is it that’s not connecting? How does someone consistently trend worldwide, meaning hundreds and thousands of tweets and retweets and likes etc, when she doesn’t win, which would suggest a certain amount of popularity, and still not get called up there? 

The easy answer is that she doesn’t campaign as hard as the others. I wouldn’t say, though, that Michelle Williams was giving us extreme thirst through this Emmy season. She did a few interviews, sure, but the fact that I was surprised to see how long her hair has gotten tells me that she really hasn’t been in our faces. Sharp Objects premiered last summer. It missed the Emmy deadline for 2018 and Fosse/Verdon aired in April and May, right in that sweetspot for nomination consideration. It may well be that that was what was freshest in voters’ minds, as much as that sucks for Amy Adams and, especially “Amy Adams Twitter”. 

So… once again… for Amy Adams, it’s “next time”. But when’s the time? Her next two projects are The Woman in the Window which was originally supposed to come out next month but it tested so badly with audiences they’ve had to rework it. More promising is the film adaptation of JD Vance’s bestselling book, Hillbilly Elegy, directed by Ron Howard which also stars Glenn Close. Imagine the “overdue” campaign messaging for that film? 

And if we’re going by fashion alone, Amy’s dress last night wasn’t it. I find nude underlay dresses quite difficult. Few can pull that off – and she’s not one of them. The hair though, this fishtail ponytail, with the black elastic and ribbon at the bottom, is gorgeous.