Dear Gossips,    

It was earlier on Friday than I expected as ABC announced that morning, after days of rumours, that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes would not return to Good Morning America 3 after their affair was exposed. The news wasn’t a surprise but it wasn’t held until the afternoon with the pre-weekend dump. Maybe because the heat has been taken out of it. And perhaps that was part of the strategy too. Amy and T.J. were the top story for a couple of weeks there back in December. That intensity has subsided – as it almost always does in the 24 hour news cycle; you just have to have the patience to get through it.  


Conveniently though, just as ABC made it official that Amy and T.J. were done at GMA, photographs of the two hanging out in LA were released – you can see them here at Page Six. Obviously not looking all that disappointed on the day they formally lost their jobs. Part of that is probably strategic so as to save face. Part of that might also probably be relief now that they can put the whole mess behind them. But the other part of it also has to be the agreement, right? I mean…the money. This wasn’t wrongful dismissal. And the statement doesn’t suggest that they were dismissed with cause either:  

“After several productive conversations with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes about different options, we all agreed it’s best for everyone that they move on from ABC News,” the network said in a statement. “We recognize their talent and commitment over the years and are thankful for their contributions.”

Details of their exit packages have not been revealed. But it can’t have been cheap to end their contracts prematurely. And if the network couldn’t find a reason to dismiss them with cause – trust me, they would have tried – then there had to be some money on the table. Given how these two are hugging and jumping on each other, I’m inclined to believe that the money was in their favour.  

Yours in gossip,