As I said earlier in my first post of today about Zendaya and her stunning appearance at last night’s Hollywood premiere of Challengers, she and Law Roach have been drilling us with so many winners (OK can someone please compliment me on my tennis puns over the last few weeks, come ON!) in the last week alone, it busted up my doubles strategy (there it is again!) so I’m dedicating this post to a catchup on the looks from a couple of days ago that I was trying to save for today. 


The red carpet looks have all been like grand slams on the tennis circuit. But the press tour has also included so many really, really good off-carpet looks too. Like this one that she wore on Che Tempo Che Fa – it’s 16Arlington, just a classic white dress but what makes it extra cute is that the hem of the skirt is kinda bubbled with a knot. Like a throwback to the mid-2000s and the bubble skirt trend, remember? 

Zendaya attends the "Che Tempo Che Fa" TV show at Nove Studios on April 14, 2024 in Milan, Italy.

Then at the photo call, Law Roach went into the Ralph Lauren archive for this: 


It was the spring 1992 collection, as modelled by Cindy Crawford in 1991 in New York: 

Cindy Crawford models Ralph Lauren during New York Fashion Week 1991 in New York

Tennis and Marilyn Monroe in one look. 

Up next – a tribute to Althea Gibson, the first Black woman to play pro tennis and win a Grand Slam… also, she played golf! Much less attention is paid to the fact that she also played golf and we should talk more about the fact that she played in TWO sports largely dominated by white people and you should read this ESPN piece from 2017 to learn more. The fact that fewer people know about Althea’s golf achievements is another layer of racism – because it was barely reported on and therefore not acknowledged as much. 


Althea’s tennis outfit was recreated for Zendaya (and Law) for this press tour and she wore it while attending the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters. 


Finally, my favourite of the recent off-carpet looks: Z’s fit at the photo call at the same tournament. 

Zendaya at the 'Challengers' photocall during day 7 of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters at Monte-Carlo Country Club on April 13, 2024 in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin near Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Bruno Cucinelli sweater with the half-front tuck over a long skirt. Classic, clean, simple… tennis core, golf core, plus more. To the match, to the office, to the mall, to brunch, this wardrobe is a master class.