Back in the summer, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans made headlines when it was announced they’d be working together again in a movie called Ghosted. There’s been a casting change now since they want to go into production in February and it’s a scheduling conflict for Scarlett. So she’s out – and Ana de Armas is in. 


What’s interesting about that is that people have been trying to Gossip Genie Ana and Chris romantically since they co-starred in Knives Out. There has never, ever been any truth to this rumour, although every few months or so, some tabloid will try it. The truth is, Ana has been dating entrepreneur Paul Boukadakis for months now. And this came after working with Chris again on The Grey Man, also starring Ryan Gosling. So if people are hoping for a spark, it hasn’t happened yet. 

Maybe it will on the set of Ghosted? This is a romantic action movie. The title suggests it begins with getting ghosted…and then, of course, the two people in question having to spend time together again because shenanigans. “Romantic action”, for me, will always mean Romancing the Stone. Half of you reading this probably don’t know what the f-ck that is. But I’m telling you, we need movies like Romancing the Stone again. I’m up for this. And if Ana and Chris want to fall in love in real life along the way (unlikely), sure, I’ll take that too. 


Here’s Scarlett though at the Kennedy Center Honours this weekend with Colin Jost. Officially, at this event, on this occasion, she would have been his plus one, since Lorne Michaels was one of the recipients and that connects to him. Then again, Scarlett is a member of SNL’s Five Timers Club because she’s among the small cohort of celebrities who has hosted at least five times, which means she’s an SNL favourite – aka she’s a Lorne favourite. And if her outfit is any indication, she holds Lorne in high regard because this is a pretty great dress: gold almost orange mid-size sequins, fitted, and plunging. A look that’s worth all the sequin-scratching against the skin. That’s the thing about sequins of any size but particularly the larger ones, at least in my experience – they are not kind on your body, you can feel it with every movement.