Maybe it’s intentional on Ana de Armas’s part – she knows what it’s like to be a heatscore from when she was dating Ben Affleck and since then she’d prefer to only be known for her work, and not her personal life or even for her style, which I totally get. But then again, I don’t feel like a dress like her SAG dress is chosen when you don’t care about style. And besides, she’s an ambassador for Louis Vuitton so the argument about not wanting to be seen for fashion doesn’t hold up there, either. But Ana and LV is kinda like Margot Robbie and Chanel. Underwhelming. Not sure this is the right brand to celebrity fit here. (Go Fug Yourself) 


It just occurred to me that I haven’t been through the drive-thru all year. Almost two whole months have gone by in 2023… and I just haven’t had the urge yet. But it’s coming. My point is that when I need to hit the drive-thru, it’s a major craving. When it happens, I’m gonna need that Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish with big fries. That’s why I always check the bag before I pull away because if one of those things is missing, then it’s a pain in the first world problems ass to go back and get it and then everything else is cold and I’m so particular I need to eat my food in a certain order. Anyway, I’m not saying that I would hurl my car into the storefront (I wouldn’t) but I do understand, a little, what the frustration is. (Dlisted) 

Have you finished Physical: 100 yet? I have most of the final episode saved because I don’t want it to be over yet. Allyson Johnson sums up why it’s such an appealing show. (Pajiba)

There were so many good yellow looks last night on the red carpet at the SAGs, including Viola Davis who looked stunning in Valentino. That neckline! (Cele|bitchy) 

Ant-Man: Quantumania isn’t a great movie. It had a great first weekend but the second weekend was… a disappointment. Is Marvel worried? (Variety)