There’s a thirst list for everything these days, and this time it’s a ranking of pop culture’s hottest priests. Pretty sure you all know who’s at the top. I do have to vehemently disagree with Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver though, but that might have to do with how much I hated the movie Silence. (The Mary Sue)


Seeing this post at GFY reminds me that I have not yet started season two of The Summer I Turned Pretty. Kathleen yelled at me this weekend when I told her that I think Conrad, aka Christopher Briney, is prettier than Jeremiah, aka Gavin Casalegno. Also don’t ask me if I have a team, as in Conrad or Jeremiah. I am keeping my shipping to myself! (Go Fug Yourself)

A new trailer for Loki season two was just released today and, not surprisingly, Jonathan Majors isn’t much of a factor but you know who also doesn’t show up? As Owen Wilson says to Loki, “you’re the god of mischief”, but Loki is SO serious on this show… when is he going to show us some mischief?! (Pajiba)

Cardi B was trending this weekend because someone threw a drink at her during her show and she retaliated by hurling the mic at them. This is the latest chapter in the ongoing f-ckery that’s been happening at live events where audience members throw sh-t for attention. But Cardi is NOT someone you want to play this game with. I’m not condoning that she weaponised the mic. I’m just saying… in what world did we expect that Cardi, of all people, would just brush that off?! (Cele|bitchy)


Like millions of other people around the world, a lot of my TikTok feed has been two words: ATTENZIONE PICKPOCKET! Turns out there’s not just one of her – it’s a whole group of them busting pickpockets and they’ve gotten their moment in the New York Times! (NYT)


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