In full context, Andrew Garfield’s heart is in the right place. But these comments about being gay or not being gay – at best it’s a poor choice of words. At worst, well, it’s all kinds of stereotypes. At worst, it’s gay tourism. And it reads too much like gayness can be taken on and taken off. Like I said, he means well. I’m not sure we have to break up with Andrew Garfield. But, at the same time, Andrew Garfield, especially in this role, could maybe not say stupid sh-t? (Dlisted) 

Remember when Liam Gallagher got up on stage at One Love Manchester and decided to, on a night when victims and survivors were being honoured, get all c-nty about his brother? Not going to lie. I still laugh about it. Because it’s just so f-cking Gallagher petty. Like not just garden variety petty, but Gallagher petty, the crusty f-ck gold standard of petty. Anyway, Liam’s new target is U2. Basically he thinks U2 is the Jennifer Garner of rock bands. I disagree. If any band is a “beige f-ck” it’s Maroon 5. Or Coldplay. (Cele|bitchy) 

Start yelling at me now because I don’t hate this Dior look on Jennifer Lawrence. The sheer thing has gotten so boring now, why NOT put a pair of white boxer shorts underneath? And why not flat boots with a gown? Why not? I also like that the fringe on top is matched by the fringe around the hem. My only complaint? THE HAIR. Why push taste like this and then go with the most basic ass hairstyle on the menu? (Go Fug Yourself) 

The Polish first lady accidentally trolled Donald Trump. Or maybe it wasn’t by accident? I married into a Polish family. That doesn’t mean I’m an authority on being Polish but in my experience? Poles can shade. Have you ever heard Donald Tusk speak? He’ll be delivering a speech all policy, policy, boring, boring, and suddenly, out of nowhere, with no voice modulation, someone’s been undressed. What is with Trump and the handshake drama anyway? (TMZ) 

Do you believe that the Kardashians’ rise to fame was because of the sex tape? There are a lot of people who think that it was Kris Jenner who was behind it, that she somehow, allegedly, got it out there. And then the rest is history. I don’t know enough about them to be able to come down on one side or another of that conspiracy theory. But if that’s true, certain members of this family have a complicated relationship with revenge porn. Which may explain why someone raised in the family wouldn’t understand that revenge porn is wrong and a legitimate violation. (Celeb Dirty Laundry) 

Soup! Yes! I am obsessed with soup! Sometimes picking a soup is one of the hardest decisions I make on a winter day. There’s a soup place close to where I work. I can never decide between the Senegalese Peanut Chicken or the Jamaican Crab Bisque or the corn chowder or the …anyway you get the point.  The thing about soup is that I’m too lazy to make it. So many soup recipes require blending and it’s that one step at the end that throws me off and makes me just want to buy instead of cook. (Slate)