Dear Gossips, 

As we near the end of Asian Heritage Month in Canada and Asian and Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month in the United States, big ups to Andrew Phung of Kim’s Convenience who won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actor last night! Congratulations Andrew! 


Andrew plays Kimchee on the show and this is his third CSA which, I mean I don’t know the stats, but that must be some kind of record or close to a record for an Asian artist with the most CSAs. Joanna’s the savant/statistician on our team and I’m writing this before dawn so it’s too early for me to ask her but I’m sure she’ll let me know as soon as she sees this. 

Four seasons of Kim’s Convenience are available to stream on CBC Gem in Canada and on Netflix everywhere else. And it was just endorsed by Oprah’s magazine: 

Congratulations, Andrew! And add Kim’s Convenience to your lockdown watch list

Yours in gossip,