As Duana just mentioned in the previous post, there were a lot of pink and red dress combinations on the Emmys red carpet last night. There was, however, a standout all red outfit that deserves its own spotlight. And the wearer, always, deserves her own spotlight: Angela Bassett. MY GOD.


We’ve seen a lot of jumpsuits over the years, over the last decade especially. And jumpsuits at formal events. Sometimes I wonder, when will they run out of ideas for new jumpsuits? Right? And just when you think you’ve seen every possible version of a jumpsuit possible, Angela Bassett shows up at the Emmys in a jumpsuit that feels like it’s a brand new idea. 

This is not, for me, my favourite shade of red, red with an orange undertone. But this also wasn’t an actual red carpet. It was a purple carpet, and it makes a difference in how the red reads. And even if it were a red carpet, f-ck it, Angela would have made it work anyway. The way the top is cut wonderfully accentuates her shoulders, and that’s exactly the right amount of separation between the top and the high-waisted pants to break up that material, with the flat finish that can photograph pretty boring. That train coming off one arm adds an extra layer of drama to the whole look appropriate to the occasion – so that you know she’s not just heading to a talk show for an appearance but to an awards show, as a presenter. And that too is important: understanding your role on the night. And making sure your outfit is doing that job. It’s a perfect choice.