Angelina Jolie was out yesterday with Vivienne. They went to FOREVER 21 which… yeah… of course they did. Vivienne is 12 years old. And even though she’s the child of celebrities, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t share common ground with other kids her age. FOREVER 21 went through a rough time a couple of years ago. This week in particular though they’ve been making headlines for their Juicy Couture collaboration. There’s been a lot of talk about it among younger consumers, particularly on social media. For Angelina then, with several teens at home, like other parents of teens, this might be part of her daily content. That was certainly the case yesterday. 


As you can see, Vivienne and Angelina look close. Vivienne has her arm around her mom as they’re walking out of the store. She still wants to put her arm around her mom then. It may not be the case next week; we’ve all been there, teens change, week to week. Right now, Vivienne is still that girl who wants to wrap her arm around her mom’s shoulder. I remember wanting to be tactile with my parents up to a certain point. And then there was a shift – don’t baby me anymore, I don’t need to be attached to you, I’m a grownup! Obviously every kid is different, and Vivienne may not behave in exactly the same way, but eventually what’s supposed to happen is that kids do become more independent, they begin building lives separate from their parents, as they try out versions of themselves before figuring out who they are and what they want to be. And this will be Angelina’s sixth time going through it! 

How many times do you think Angelina has had to sit through a TikTok dance? Do you think her kids want to meet Addison Rae? Do you think her kids want her to hook them up with a BTS meet-and-greet? For sure at least two of her six kids have to be members of the BTS ARMY, non? 

Do you think Angie knows the choreography to “Dynamite” because she’s had to watch the video so many times?