Angelina Jolie was in New York last night to accept the NBR Freedom of Expression Award for First They Killed My Father. She was joined by her collaborator and friend Loung Ung and daughters Zahara and Shiloh. As you can see, Shiloh has her arm in a sling. Apparently she injured it while snowboarding during the holidays. Sources tell PEOPLE that Shiloh is “fine” and she certainly seems fine and in great spirits on a girls’ night out. 

I never broke a bone when I was a kid. My first break (arm) happened just a few years ago and it was a f-cking pain in the ass… during which I remember thinking to myself, why did I think this was so cool when I was in school? Because that’s how stupid I was, and I’m wondering if any of you were that stupid too. Remember if you had a classmate come to school with a cast or sling, everyone would gather around and sign it and they’d have an awesome story to go along with it? At least it sounded awesome at the time? Probably just me. Probably I just looked at the attention and wanted that and not the broken arm. 

You know what’s amusing me more than the broken arm though? 

The teen braces!

Both Zahara and Shiloh are rocking some orthodontics!
You know, that phrase, “Celebrities – Just Like Us”, isn’t entirely bullsh-t all of the time. Most of the time, sure. But some of the time, like when you’re the mother of teenagers who need braces and part of your life involves whatever has to go down to make the braces happen, it’s probably not  unfamiliar. And then dealing with all the teen feelings that go along with those braces. I never had braces but I did have a retainer. And I had some goddamn feelings about that retainer. If I could have that many feelings about a retainer, I KNOW there must be so many more feelings about braces. 

This is what amuses me. That Angelina Jolie, THE Angelina Jolie, whose own teen life was so documented (by the standards of the time), is a teen life mom now, with all its attendant quotidian dramas, small and large: dating, activities planning, teacher gifts during the holidays, birthday party sleepovers, broken bones, and now braces.