Angelina Jolie made two stops on the Oscar campaign trail this weekend – she and Loung Ung attended the Deadline Contenders event on Saturday and they accepted the Hollywood Foreign Language Film Award at the Hollywood Film Awards last night. As mentioned several times over the last few weeks, First They Killed My Father has been long-listed for Oscar. There are two more phases to go in the category though before the final five are determined in the nomination process. So she’s out here making sure her film has the best chance to go through each stage. At this point, it’s probably a given that FTKMF will be at the Golden Globes. If the Hollywood Foreign Press Association nominated her for The Tourist (!!!) just to get her to the show, how could they not include First They Killed My Father?! Angelina and Loung will be at the Globes. It’s practically a guarantee.

At the Hollywood Film Awards, it was Jacqueline Bisset who presented to Angelina and Loung. Jacqueline was very close to Angelina’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand. She is Angelina’s godmother. I wonder if it was Angelina specifically who made the request that Jacqueline be the one to hand the award to her. Remember, recipients at this event are told in advance of their win. And the HFA works with the studios to determine the winners. Few people in Hollywood are as particular as Angelina Jolie is about who she’s associated with. This is why she’s one of the best at brand management. She’s not there to have her photo taken while she’s accepting a trophy from someone she has no time for. This is also why, for example, it was Viola Davis who presented to Mary J Blige. Nobody wants to see, like, Emma Roberts handing over hardware to Mary J Blige, you know?  

As she gets deeper into the season though, if FTKMF’s chances hold up, Angelina, even Angelina, may not be able to determine who she’s up on stage with, especially at the bigger award shows. And this might be really, really good for gossip. Like GREAT for gossip. Imagine George Clooney or Julia Roberts presenting a category that includes Angelina Jolie?

Can we talk clothes now?

I almost couldn’t believe it when Angelina showed up the Deadline event in an oversized black sweater and booties. LOOK AT THIS OUTFIT. This outfit is actual style – from someone who, really, doesn’t have much of it. This might be the best thing she’s worn in years.

Unfortunately, at the Hollywood Film Awards, she was back to her sack dressing. Which only makes the difference more obvious. Which only makes that black sweater dress that much better. Please Angelina, can we have more of that?