Over the weekend, Angelina Jolie and her eldest sons, Maddox and Pax, were seen in Greece, filming Pablo Larraín’s latest biopic, Maria. They were filming aboard the real yacht Christina O, which once belonged to Aristotle Onassis (the yacht was named after his daughter). Maddox and Pax are clearly working on Maria in some capacity, and we know how Angie likes to make her work into family business. I am still wondering when the nepo baby discourse comes for the Jolie-Pitt kids, but I suppose it will be when they more definitively branch out on their own, and we can judge their work separately from their mother’s. 


Anyway, Angie was sporting a silk robe over her wardrobe, but she’s wearing a fabulous pair of diamond and pearl earrings and another killer pair of vintage glasses. I am already OBSESSED with this film’s fashion. The aesthetics of Jackie and Spencer were really good, too, but on a personally appealing level, I am WAY more into the 70s style Angie is sporting as Maria Callas than 1960s Jackie Kennedy (too prim) or 1990s Princess Diana (too 90s). I am interested to see how Larraín approaches Maria Callas’s final days—that they’re filming aboard the Christina O suggests he is going with the gossip narrative that Callas and Aristotle continued their affair even after Ari married Jacqueline Kennedy, and oh my gods what if Natalie Portman shows up for a Jackie cameo?!—BUT I am also totally into this movie just for the vibes. 

Also, the bedbugs are already in Greece. What if they’re just big Angelina stans and this is their Eras tour?